Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tool #10

The students need to understand that it is essential to form an opinion for themselves by seeking specific sources on the internet rather than accepting the first site that appears. It needs to be taught that web sites are developed to appear "first on the list." That does not mean they are a solid resource for information and worthy to be included in a persons knowledge base. It means that the teacher must provide links to taught information, explain why these links are essential, and encourage the student to explore various avenues of thought rather than simply lifting information from a random page.

I will use Eduphoria, Atomic learning, and library resources for the students to gain information.

Digital learning can be taught by googling the same topic but obtaining information from different links. I would then model differences and check for understanding.

I would place the lesson for the students on my blog and the parents would have access to digital citizenship information.

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